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Cheese Head Gets Tricked

So this week on the Bait Bus we have our long time friend Steven, we hit up Miami and see what we came stumble on. Lucky for us we catch a vulnerable young guy, we start the interrogation process, and before you know it he is butt naked in the back of the bus letting his dick grow in another guys mouth. Before he blows his load he checks out to see what is going on and he can’t believe what he just got himself into. This guy is ready to snap, good thing for us the money we offered him was enough to get him thinking straight again. Enjoy.

Hardening Your Image

Another week, another cruse around the town looking for straight dudes. We decided to hit up Miami Beach and, sure enough, we got a good one. We caught Colby walking around, taking in the nice Miami sun and checking out soccer moms as they walk their dogs n’shit. That’s right fellas, Colby is into milfs. The straight of the straight! He was a little apprehensive at first, but that soon changed after he saw Alexis in the back. With the promise of $200, the bait was set. We did the traditional chit chat and what not. I could tell his attention was elsewhere, though. I got fed up with it so I told Alexis to just put her tits in his face. Soon we had him down to his birthday suit, ready for a blindfolded dick suck! He had a pretty nice dick for a burly white boy. Of course things don’t just end at that. You know what we do! With the promise of some pussy and more money, straight guys will do just about anything! Enjoy! .

Fucking the Personal Trainer

So this week on the Bait Bus we have our good friend Cole and he is back for some good ole straight cock. We cruise around Miami and see what we can come across, we see this guy on his way to the gym so decide to run a interference. Turns out he is a personal trainer and is on his way to get his workout on, we tell him we need some assistance with our little project. We finally get him onboard after mins of convincing, once on the Bus you know what goes down, its always classic seeing the expression of these straight guys when they realize what they got themselves into. Good thing for us money is the root of all evil. Enjoy.

Fucking the Zen Master

So this week we have Mr. Sexy Dylan Roberts, he stopped by the office and informed us he has been wanting to get in on the Baitbus fun. So we hit the streets and see what victim we can find to get his first taste in some anal love. We come across Bryce and oh man does this guy fit the description, we convince him to lend us a hand with our project but if only knew the truth that we needed him to lend us his ass for Dylan’s dick. After letting Alexis charm the clothes off of him, he was dumbfounded to find out he just got his dick sucked by a man. But after we shoot him some figures he starts to have a much clearer picture of what is going on. Enjoy.

Fucking Santa’s Elf

So this week on the Bait bus we get into the spirit, and decide to dress up and hit the town. Steven dresses up as an elf, we have Don as santa and Alexis as his little helper. We hit up Miami and see what unlucky contestant we can get on the bus and victimize. We stumble across Drake who happens to be christmas shopping, we tell him we want to do an interview about the holiday season. Once we get him on the bus he can’t keep his eyes off of Santa’s little helper, Alexis does her thing and gift wraps Drake up and lets Steven hope on the his cock. Once Drake finds out what is going on, the holiday spirit goes out the window, good thing for us everyone needs the extra money for xmas. Enjoy.

Riding The Cowboy

Welcome back for another exciting update on The Bait Bus. This week we have a long time fan who has been dying to get on the bus. Matt finally got his early xmas wish and got himself on the bus to get him some straight cock. We hit up Miami beach in search of a victim and come across some guy name Bo who is visiting from Oklahoma. This guy makes it to easy to bait in, once we get him in all hell breaks loose. Before you know it his dick is hard inside another guys mouth and pounding out some ass for the small price of money. Enjoy.

Ricky Sinz is Mr. International

So this week on Bait Bus we have our good friend Ricky Sinz giving us a visit. He tells us he wants a cocky guy so he can turn him into a bottom and giving him a dicking of a lifetime. We hit up the streets and see what we can find. We stumble across Marxel who is currently unemployed but is pimping out his dick to his stripper girlfriend. After shooting him some money for an interview we get him on the bus, before you know it Alexis has this guy butt naked and blind folded ready to get a bj he will never forget. Once the blind fold comes off the moods change and shit gets real, good thing money is always a good conflict solver. Enjoy.

Cole is Back and Hungry

So This week on the Bait Bus we have our good friend Cole back with us. He is back from his hiatus and ready to feed is hunger for some straight cock. We hit up downtown Miami and hope we find something good, but unfortunately we make a wrong turn and end up in the wrong side of town. But thanks to the porn gods they blesses us with a victim who happens to be walking from his job to his hotel. He stop him and see if he would be interested in helping us out in our Miami documentary. After we get him on the bus the magic starts, the tits come out and blind fold goes on. Once Cole gets his mouth wet our victim nears flips out and raises hell. Good thing its the holidays and everyone needs the extra cash. Enjoy.

Rachel Starr Tricks a Fan Day

Rachel Starr hits up the Bait Bus and hits it hard, she has been wanting to get on and lure a straight guy for a while. We take her along for a the ride to see how effect she actually can be and turns out it was a huge success. One lucky fan spots her in the street and from there we know we got our next victim, we get him on the bus and tell its Rachel fuck a fan day. If only he knew what exactly what he was getting himself into, next thing you know a guy is deep throating his dick and he isn’t to happy about it. Good thing we have Rachel Starr and a few bucks to throw around before you know it this guy had his dick deep in another mans ass. Enjoy